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“Know thy captain, thy captain’s crew; know the ship’s true condition and her course. Above all, trust no man with a crown, and be ready to row like hell!” 
(Oceans Away, A Pyrate’s Story, 2005)
*  *  *  *  *  *  *
I’m a freelance writer, editor and publisher with an interest in nautical and maritime subjects, and historical pirates. I share stories, news, notices about upcoming events, festivals, complimentary referrals for goods and services, as well as photos, music, and videos.
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Thanks for visiting.  Arrrgh….

1 thought on “About This Blog

  1. Just found your site and am excited about reading all your entries, we met a few years ago, your grandson Cliff married my daughter Michelle here at our home in Lac la Hache, and now of course have little Kenzie…I hope to someday meet you both again…
    Vicki Sanford

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